Garden Carts: Make Chores Easy!



Gardeners have struggled for years managing heavy loads in the garden. A garden cart is a pain free and efficient way to relieve the strain of moving, soil, plants, rocks and mulch on your property. A garden cart will prove its worth time and time again by accomplishing more work with less effort. Garden carts come in many different sizes and can be made of plastic, wood, or metal, depending on the style, can carry 200 to 600 lbs.

Garden carts can roll easily upstairs and through doors. Take wood right to your fireplace.

Loads ride low between the wheels, balanced over a full length axle to prevent shifting or tipping while you’re working. The steel axle and large wheels – not your arms and back – carry the load. The heavy-duty spoke wheels have wide hubs with pre-lubricated double ball bearings for smooth rolling stability. Custom wheels let you tilt your firewood hauler forward for easy dumping and loading.

More than just wheelbarrows.

Ranchers take our garden carts to stock shows and fairs. Contractors use them on work sites. Retailers move inventory. Hunters haul camping supplies and game. Fishermen use garden carts to haul light boats over rough trails. Boaters move supplies over docks. Woodcutters use as a firewood hauler and carrier. Balance and big wheels let these garden carts roll over sticks and rocks with ease. Each cart has its own custom load capacity which means you can move your load in a minimum number of trips.

Garden carts are ideal for general cleaning and maintenance Stable cleaning Parks and Recreation maintenance Zoo maintenance Golf course maintenance Landscaping Gardening Livestock Feeding Hauling bulk materials.




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