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6 x 0.1 x 9 inches color paperback

ISBN-13: 978-1544202211
ISBN-10: 1544202210


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Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Cozy

Publication: March 13, 2017
Pages: 80
Erika A. Knight is a nationally acclaimed freelance Food Stylist.
Erika receives an invitation from the Royal Casa Cruise Liner to come and oversee all their food presentations for all their restaurants & casinos.

Erika accepts as she feels this is a great honor and a chance to give back to her local community where she was born and spent much of her childhood.

On the third night of the cruise at a dinner in honor of the top 6 highest performers in the company, the multi-millionaire CEO of the local chocolate business chain collapses and dies.
Everyone present is shocked and horrified into a deep silence. And then pandemonium sets in and everyone runs from the scene into their suite.
The cruise liner is put on total lockdown as the captain sends the Mayday radio calls to the nearest naval base for help.

Erika must help solve a murder on board a cruise ship. To prevent the cruise liner who hired her from going under and to prevent permanent damage to her reputation.
by L.R. SAENZ